Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is too much...

I've decided to scrap the dates as the title of the blog posts, because you all know what day it is.

Look, I don't know who posted the phone call, or who was even on the other end, but this is all getting a bit too weird for me.

I've gone to the inn down the street and have been there since yesterday.

The journal idea was stupid, so I'll be using the blog from now on.

Info aside, the phone call...It sounded like someone I knew, but I couldn't tell. The voice was too garbled, and coupled with being tired, I couldn't make it out.

Slendy. There's that name again.

I've decided to Google around. I'll post what I find a little later today. Until then, hold tight. My kids are still alive, I know it.

As for the email, well, still waiting for a response...


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