Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 05: July 17, 2011

I've always had this philosophy that I stuck by my whole life: "Do something with the things you have, rather than doing nothing at all." I don't know why I'm remembering this now, but I am.

I went back into town today. Parts of the forest were so familiar to me now, I just about got lost when I went back to my house. I needed to resupply, so I went inside to get some things. When I opened the door, though, there was a package on the table, with an envelope propped up with a card holder.

I didn't order anything, it wasn't my birthday, a holiday, or anything else that would require a gift to be sent to me. That is, assuming this was a gift.

I walked over to it, and picked up the envelope first. Tearing it open, I noticed the little slip of paper inside. It only had a few words on it, followed by what appeared to be an email address.

"You know what to do:"

What the hell was this? I looked from the paper, to the package, now wary of opening it.

Against my better judgement, I reached for it, and lifted the unsealed flaps. Inside was a little clay doll that looked like it was made by a third-grader in a very boring session of Arts and Crafts class.

Turning it over in my hand, I noticed another piece of paper sticking out the back. I tugged it free from the doll, and read the three words on it:

"Do it now"

I dropped the doll, grabbed the envelope with the paper, and ran to my computer.

Slendymaster? That sounds like something Rodney said. I'm going to email that address, and write what happens tomorrow. Hopefully, this guy Slendymaster will give me some answers.


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